In the beach of Playa de Puzol, you’ll find corners where you can be in direct contact with nature, such as Marjal del Moro. Also, we are surrounded by trails, bike paths, beach and vegetable patches; green areas full of life. Here we leave you some very interesting plans.

Playa de Puzol

You do not want to miss Playa de Puçol any time of the year. It is 1 minute walking from Camping Valencia and it has areas with fine sand, dunes and rockier areas. 

It is a Blue Flag beach, with a Q category in the Spanish tourist quality standard and a Qualitur seal, a guarantee of the quality of its sand, water and the services it provides. 

It has an exclusively pedestrian seafront measuring 3km with a multitude of summer plans, such as zumba and spinning classes organized by the city council, children’s playgrounds and healthy corners for adults.

Also, Playa de Puzol has multiple restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, ice cream and horchata shops, most of them right up against the beach.

Marjal del Moro

If you like nature, you cannot miss out on this route, next to Camping Valencia.

The route is on a recently renovated path, which puts the sea next to you and on the other side Marjal del Moro, a ZEPA protected area (Spanish special protection zone for birds). It is at the end of Playa de Puzol, to the north.

It is an area of international importance for birds. The ease with which you can see birds and their proximity are what makes it one of the currently most appreciated spots for bird watchers who visit it. Marjal de Moro has significant populations of multiple species of certain birds in danger of extinction.

Most characteristic bird species: Red-crested Pochard, Pink Flamingo, Common Crane, Great Cormorant, etc.

Put on your hat and sunscreen and bring water for this adventure.

The Sagunto Castle

The Sagunto Castle is located 15 km from Camping Valencia. 

It extends over almost 1 kilometre. It has borne witness to the passage of time and the different civilizations that have inhabited it: Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians. 

Given its historic importance, it was declared a National Monument in 1931.

The fortress is divided into seven courtyards. These include the Plaza de Armas or Santa María Magdalena, which is the oldest core of the castle. 

The Castle is located on a hill of the Sierra Calderona mountain range, from where you can contemplate a magnificent panorama of the coastal area of the city. Nearby you can find the Theatre and Roman wall.

Sagunto Roman Theatre

The Roman theatre of Sagunto is located 15 km from Camping Valencia. 

It dates from the 1st century and was groundbreaking in leading the list of declared national monuments in Spain (1896).

It is shaped in a semicircle with a capacity for eight thousand spectators. The stones of grandstands were used to build the castle and some houses. An archaeological museum includes the objects found in the excavations made. The Roman theatre was built taking advantage of a recess in the ground, due to which it reaches an impressive sound level for open-air stage shows.

Recently, restoration work was carried out which gives the impression of unity to the stage and the grandstands, bringing together the appropriate conditions to create theatrical and cultural events.

Monasterio del Puig

This monastery is located in El Puig, a town 13 km away from Camping Valencia. 

It is set up in two distinct spaces: the convent and the Sanctuary of the Virgin. Both constitute a grandiose rectangular building flanked by four strong towers.

The oldest in the current monastery is the Sanctuary, dedicated to the Virgin, patron saint of Valencia. 

The tour is structured into two cloisters. The first includes the refectory, a chapel, a Gothic hall and the Print Museum. In the four wings, there are multiple paintings by José Vergara displayed (1726-1799).