Basic information

Medium shade
10.5m x 8m
16 Amp
3,520 watts
Barrier bushes
Hard ground
East/West Orientation


Moreras Sur Area

These are pitches with mulberry trees that provide medium shade, hedge bushes (low height) and with an east/west orientation. These are the closest to the common areas.

This area has a sanitation pavilion, with showers (cold – hot), WC, chemical WC, area to wash clothes by hand or wash dishes (cold-hot). This pavilion is located 20 metres from the closest pitch, and 80 m from the farthest pitch.

Services included

2 adults + car + camper

The price of the plot includes 2 adults with a car and camper, or 2 adults with a motor home or 2 adults with a car and tent.

Fetching and discharging water in the enabled area

In the Northern area of the campsite, near the football field, is the area for fetching and discharging grey and black water, which you can use whenever you want.

Sanitation pavilion

With a WC, showers (hot-cold), area for washing clothes by hand (hot-cold), another area for washing dishes (hot-cold) and a chemical WC to discharge black water from the camper/motor home. You’ll also find an information panel with the activities and schedule of the campsite.

Renting electrical appliances

You have the possibility of renting electrical appliances and other materials. You can ask for the contact information at reception.
*External company

Pets allowed from September to June

According to the internal regulations of the campsite, pets are only allowed in the pitches from September to June.

Free Wi-Fi

All of our clients have free wifi at any point of the campsite, including their own accommodations. This is possible thanks to the more than 55 antennas installed and the bandwidth available.


If you have an ACSI Camping Card, do not hesitate to show it at reception, the price of the plot during the low season is €16 with this card. Furthermore, you have a free transportation service from the campsite to the Puzol train station, to and from, for those interested in spending the day in the city of Valencia.

Entry and exit times

Entry time: starting at 1:00 pm.
Exit time*: before 11:00 am.

*Possibility of contracting Late Check out, depending on availability.

Accomodation comparator

Type of ground
Hedge bushes
Drinking water loading and gray water drainage

Pinada Area

63 m²
9.5m long x 6.7m wide
10 (2200 watts)

Moreras Sur Area

Yes, low
84 m²
8m long x 10.5m wide
16 (3520 watts)

Mulberry trees with water area

Medium – Low
102 m²
12m long x 8,5m wide
10 (2200 watts)