Everything you need

In Camping Valencia, we also are campers and we know how important it is to enjoy simply pleasures such as getting a massage on your holidays, for children to have a good time with the entertainment team or going horseback riding on the beach.

We want you to enjoy your holidays, we’ll take care of the rest.

1st Edition English, Tennis and Padel Campus

If you are between 6 and 16 years old and you like sports, this is the place for you! This Campus is designed for children and young people to have their space to learn to play Tennis, Padel while learning English applied to these sports.

Not only will they learn from a team of specialised racquet sports coaches, but they will also share an unforgettable summer with new friends.

In addition, we also introduce team sports in order for students to reinforce values such as respect, companionship and teamwork.

Entertainment for children and adults

Thinking of our most beloved audience, children, every year we plan a schedule of activities suited to all ages: Mini club for ages 4 to 7 years, Maxi Club for ages 8 to 12 years, Junior Club for ages 13 to 17 years and activities for adults (+18 years).

Our entertainment team will take charge, along with management, of designing, executing and evaluating every activity to make the most of them.

Don’t miss the new developments this year, WE HAVE A NEW STAGE and activities intended for all the children who want to, to come up and participate.

Free Wi-Fi

All of our clients have free Wi-Fi at any point of the campsite, including their own accommodations.

This is possible thanks to the more than 55 antennas installed and the bandwidth available.

The reception team will upon your check-in give you the password so that you can connect right away, from an unlimited number of devices/tablets, so that the entire family can be connected.

Massage area

All of us deserve a treat every once in a while, and on holidays even more so. Relax with a relaxing massage or alleviate tension with a decontracting massage.

Also, the massage pergola is located in the pool area, so that afterwards you can enjoy your state of relaxation a few minutes more on your sun bed.

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Horseback riding

Dartacan, Mesala, India, and Esther are some of the ponies and horses of Antonio, a horseman from Puzol.

Respecting their resting times, Antonio offers trips for children and adults, down the beach with bathing included or within the campsite, ideal for the little ones.

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Bike rental

If you prefer to simplify things and not bring your bikes on this holiday, you can do so without missing the opportunity to have an excursion. If you wish to go riding on the beach, among vegetable patches or towards Valencia on the green path, you can rent bicycles for children, adults and with a baby’s chair at the campsite. Check at reception.

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24-hr service and languages

For whatever you need, you have a day  reception team and night controller person. Also, we speak English, French, Spanish and Valencian.

Surveillance service

We have a nighttime surveillance team which apart from controlling access to the campsite, also monitors the facilities throughout the night and makes sure that internal norms are followed regarding silence, vehicle traffic and co-existence in general.

Furthermore, we have a security camera system with more than 20 devices spread out over common areas such as streets and the outside of accommodations.

Washer and dryer

So you can do laundry comfortably, you have a self-service area with a washer and dryer that are coin-operated.

Fetching and discharging water

In order to fetch and discharge grey water, you have an area set up that you can use as often as you need.


Recycling is a way of fighting against climate change, from saving energy, using less raw material manufacturing new products but especially PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT.

Join in, at Camping Valencia we make it easy with different containers for every case.

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First-aid kit

For any slight emergency, we have a first-aid kit with material for treatments and a stretcher.

Shuttle service

It consists of a free transportation service in the low season (to and from) to the Puzol train station, so that ACSI clients can link up their trip and spend a day visiting Valencia.