Environmental Commitment

At Camping Valencia, we are worried about the current environmental situation, that is why we try to stay up to date in all things related to responsible consumption of resources.


We have a rubbish recycling system, with containers for each type. Here we show you how to use it correctly:

Blue Container

Blue Container: paper and cardboard, not Tetra Brik carton.

Green Container

Green Container: Glass

Yellow Container

Yellow Container: Plastics, Tetra Briks, cans….

Brown Container

Brown Container: organic waste…

Used batteries

You can deposit used batteries in the appropriate container in the pavilions, Southern container area and at reception.

Some tips

  • Choose products in family size to avoid packaging waste. 
  • Reject bags that you don’t need and always try to carry your own shopping bag.
  • When buying products that are used and thrown away, think about whether or not you really need them. 
  • Returnable packaging is preferable. 

Environmentally-friendly vehicles

We have incorporated new vehicles to facilitate the day-to-day work of our teams for cleaning, assistance and repair using environmentally-friendly electric motorcycles and cars.

Thanks to the solar panels installed, these vehicles, which are charged with this renewable energy, will have ZERO contamination.

Shelter for indigenous animals

In order to help species such as bats, which have been included on the list of species in danger of extinction in our country, we have installed shelters for these mammals and for birds like the hoopoe and tawny owl.

Also, these animals help us control plagues: bats can eat up to 4000 mosquitoes in a single night and the hoopoe enjoys eating the processionary moth.

Let’s take care of the beach

Did you know that every year the sea is filled with the equivalent in rubbish of 1,200 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower? And that a plastic bottle takes more than 500 years to decompose?

It is our responsibility to take care of our oceans. Here we leave you some tips for your day at the beach:

Some tips

  • Collect rubbish (cigarette butts, food waste, packaging, etc.) during your visit to the beach and throw it away when you leave. Don’t throw it into the sea or leave it on the sand, because it is not biodegradable or could lead to contamination.
  • Do not relieve yourself in the ocean, since it increases biological contamination.
  • Do not feed wild animals or capture them. They can get sick and die.

Solar Panels

In Camping Valencia, we are aware of how important is to take care of the environment and we are committed to the measures which contribute to its preservation, thus reducing the environmental impact. In line with this commitment, a solar photovoltaic installation will be made in 2020. Thanks to these solar panels, the campsite will exclusively consume self-produced renewable energy 10 months a year.

How do the solar panels work?

Solar Panels absorb the sun’s radiation transforming solar energy into electrical energy. It’s that easy.

Did you know…?

Renewable energies, especially solar energy, play a very important role in reducing C02 gas emissions, the greenhouse effect and climate change.

One of the biggest benefits of using solar energy is that human beings can breath clean air, directly affecting our health.

Photovoltaic panels are made of silicon, an element obtained from the sand. Besides being very abundant in nature, it minimally alters the site as there is no need in using large amounts of it.

Tips to save water:

  • Use the rubbish bins in the rubbish area (pads, moist towelettes, napkins, etc.) in the bathroom.
  • Keep the shower running only for the time needed; shut it off while you are soaping up. 
  • Make sure you leave the taps turned off before you leave the bungalow or the pavilions.
  • If you see that there is anything wrong with the taps or tanks, please notify reception.

Tips to save power:

  • Keep the windows closed while the heating or air conditioning is running and use it only when you are inside your accommodations.
  • Before leaving your accommodations, make sure that the lights are turned off.
  • These measures are intended to conform to the European Union Ecolabel.